Quantum Systems becomes the first European company to raise more than € 100 million on dual-use technology, further solidifying its global leadership in AI-powered drone robotics.

Quantum Systems, Europe’s leading innovator in dual-use drone robotics offering state-of-the-art multi-sensor technology for both government and commercial clients, announces the successful completion of its € 63.6 million Series B funding round. This brings the total funding for the Munich-based drone manufacturer to over € 100 million. H.V. Capital and DTCP led the investment, followed by Project A, Thiel Capital, ScaleUp Fonds Bayern, Omnes Capital, and Airbus Ventures. This substantial capital infusion underscores Quantum Systems’ dedication to boosting resilient infrastructure through aerial intelligence.

The changing geopolitical landscape drives the need for technological autonomy.

Conflicts, disasters, or dependencies on foreign suppliers around the globe have tremendously increased the need for robust systems that give commercial and governmental customers a decisive data advantage, either in the business world or on the battlefield.

Quantum Systems recently secured a significant contract with the German Armed Forces for Vector reconnaissance drones, strengthening European security. Partnering with Airbus Defence and Space, backed by the German Ministry of Defense, Quantum Systems advances tactical drones with A.I. and swarming technologies. The company continues to support Ukraine through multiple deliveries of Vector drones, driving innovations in A.I. capabilities, endurance, and further system architecture integrations to battle management systems.

Fueled by a global vision to lead in AI-powered drone robotics, Quantum Systems’ strategy emphasizes a “family of systems” with deep integration, a unified software stack, and Drone Ports development to maintain a technological edge in autonomous aerial data capture.

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