The target: holistic consolidation and digitization offerings

congatec will now manage the global product sales for its daughter company, Real-Time Systems (RTS). About 80 sales representatives and field application engineers will now support the sales of RTS’s real-time hypervisor and IoT platform, formerly known as Arendar. congatec expects this consolidation of sales services to accelerate the deployment of Real-Time Systems’ offerings significantly. Additionally, new bundled hardware and software solutions of the congatec group will provide a holistic approach in the future, making it easier for customers to consolidate their hardware and digitize the industrial brownfield.

“By bringing together the sales of all congatec group products, we not only strengthen the position of RTS products, but also provide our customers with a more comprehensive choice from a single source,” says Konrad Garhammer, Managing Director of the congatec group. “RTS will be able to integrate its innovative consolidation and digitization offerings into customer’s hardware platforms more easily and cost-effectively.”

“As a result of this stewardship of sales, we extend our high-performance ecosystem offerings. One contact person, shorter paths, faster and smoother development, and strengthened project management are just some advantages of combining sales activities,” says Daniel Jürgens, Managing Director of the congatec group.

This united sales approach will not impact Real-Time Systems’ services or operational structure. It will also not affect the existing sales strategy for Real-Time Systems products. All existing customers and target groups, including other hardware vendors, will continue to be actively addressed.

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