CDSG Launches DIGISTOR® CSD 3400: Secure Computational Storage Enterprise SSD for Enhanced Server Efficiency

The self-encrypting DIGISTOR CSD 3400 Enterprise SSD, built with ScaleFlux® technology increases server performance and reduces costs with no software, driver, or application changes needed.

CDSG, a leading provider of secure Data at Rest (DAR) storage solutions with its DIGISTOR secure storage drives, announced its new DIGISTOR CSD 3400 Enterprise SSD. Built with embedded ScaleFlux computational storage technology, the CSD 3400: Meets TCG Opal compliance for those needing to encrypt sensitive data automatically in server applications.

 Increases SSD performance and endurance. The CSD 3400 automatically compresses data to reduce write amplification, resulting in a longer life for the SSD’s NAND flash memory and substantially increased SSD performance.

Increases SSD effective capacity, reducing storage costs using built-in, intelligent data compression and management. “With the DIGISTOR CSD 3400, we’re excited to provide our military and federal agency customers and OEM partners with secure enterprise drives that improve system performance and power efficiency,” said Randal Barber, CEO of CDSG. “Employing high-performance enterprise drives while reducing data storage costs and increasing

 SSD lifespan is important to those who deploy servers on the tactical edge and in edge compute environments such as in the telecom sector.”

With standard NVMe drivers and a competitive price point, organizations of all sizes can deploy computational storage as quickly as any traditional enterprise SSD while addressing cost, density, compute efficiency, sustainability, and more. “We’re looking forward to CDSG using their expertise in securing data at rest to bring ScaleFlux computational storage to their customers,” said Hao Zhong, CEO of ScaleFlux.

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