ROLEC’s Premium Diecast Enclosures For Industrial Electronics

Industrial electronic enclosure manufacturer ROLEC now offers two premium ranges of diecast aluminum housings – aluDOOR and aluCASE.

Both are ‘go anywhere’ enclosures that can be mounted on walls, bulkheads, machines, and desks to protect electronics in challenging indoor and outdoor industrial environments.

Advanced aluDOOR (IP 66, IP 67, IP 68, IP 69K) hinged lid enclosures were honored in the German Innovation Awards, building on the success of aluCASE (IP 66, IP 67, IP 69K). Both models have a recessed lid for a membrane keypad. aluDOOR’s lid opens 100° for easy access; it can be specified without a recess.

Both enclosures can be installed with the ‘lid closed’ to protect the electronics. aluDOOR’s lid features an integrated hinge pin and is secured with tamperproof Torx screws. Options for aluCASE includes integrated hinges and lid retaining straps.

All the fixings are hidden beneath trims: aluminum for aluDOOR and plastic (POM) for aluCASE. Inside, the two enclosures have pillars for PCBs, mounting plates, and DIN rails.

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