Lone Star Analysis Launches Groundbreaking New Technology with TruNavigator MAX™

New Analytics Platform Offers Generative AI, Real-Time Asset Analytics, Operational Optimization, and More in One Unified Platform

Lone Star Analysis announced the general availability of TruNavigator MAX™ to the market. TruNavigator MAX™ unifies numerous robust capabilities in one powerful platform. Solutions created with the platform can be deployed in any cloud environment at any level of security or can operate hosted on nearly any server or at the edge in lightweight processors.

The all-in-one platform seamlessly integrates earlier versions of TruNavigator® and Analytics OS®. Applications supported by TruNavigator MAX include a wide range of solutions for sustainment, readiness, and other applications, including the MaxUp® suite of solutions. The platform integration roadmap for 2024 will continue to add additional capabilities, including TruProcess®, with Evolved AI. TruNavigator MAX adds tremendous new functionality for customers using our award-winning MaxUp Readiness™ solutions, injecting fully generative AI and real-time asset analytics capabilities.

Adding Evolved AI’s generative artificial intelligence capability has led to breakthroughs and novel solutions for Lone Star. One example is Lone Star’s First Order AI Designer (FAID™). FAID deploys generative AI to create a digital twin of an aeronautical system, such as a drone or hypersonic missile. FAID can also generate new designs or valuable threat assessments of observed threat systems. FAID can estimate vehicle system performance even with limited “known” data. Whether generating a new design or evaluating a threat design, FAID generates results ready for human collaboration.

“This is an important milestone for Lone Star,” said Steve Roemerman, CEO and chairman of the board. “While we already have several patented solutions, TruNavigator MAX is a technological leap. Our MaxUp® solutions and other solutions authored on older versions of TruNavigator® will have generative AI capability. Additionally, integrating our real-time AOS® platform features allows wider functionality and more deployment options at the edge, on-prem, or in the cloud. This makes TruNavigator MAX much more advanced than any analytics software or platform available today.”

“Most people think about generative AI in terms of large language models (LLMs), like ChatGPT,” said Dr. Eric Haney, CTO of Lone Star. “Those platforms excel at narrow use cases like customer service, text summarization, and coding templates. But with TruNavigator MAX, we can create generative AI systems with rich capabilities in math and engineering – something LLMs lack. And FAID is just one example.”

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