Cogniteam Selects RTI Connext® to Enable Seamless Communication within its Cloud Robotics Platform

Connect Meets Market Demands for Massive Scalability to Develop, Deploy, and Manage Robots and Fleets

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) announced that Cogniteam, a robotics AI software development company, has selected RTI Connext® to provide commercially supported communications to its unified cloud-based platform for the robotics industry. Cogniteam brings users a unique robotic AI solution in one place, where they can design, develop, and test robots. By leveraging Connect, based on the Data Distribution Service (DDS™) standard, developers can monitor incoming data from robots to the cloud in real-time. Connext enhances productivity as Cogniteam achieved coding translation from ROS to ROS 2 in one month – compared to the market norm of three to six months – saving critical time and money.

When selecting a software framework for its autonomous robotic platforms in land, air, and sea, Cogniteam required a solution tailored to their specific needs that could achieve communication functionality from ROS to ROS 2 and a seamless way to talk between systems. Connext offers both a native DDS and a commercially supported RMW layer for ROS, which allows Cogniteam’s platform to communicate via the cloud in production and remote settings, providing all the functionality of getting data and controlling robots.

“New and exciting tools are emerging in robotics to facilitate the interconnectivity of systems and components at the edge and in the cloud,” said Ari Yakir, Vice President of Research and Discovery at Cogniteam. Connext did exactly what we needed it to—from adding functionality between libraries to retrieving critical data from the edge device—speeding up our production timeline and advancing robotic platform development.”

Cogniteam selected Connext to support a wide range of autonomous robotic platforms and be the first company to enable support for a wide range of autonomous robots in a unified way via the cloud. RTI’s trusted distribution partner in Israel, Matrix, oversaw the integration process of Connext with Cogniteam’s edge device agent and provided on-site technical enablement and support.

“Robotics are enabling efficient autonomy and productivity in nearly every vertical,” said Bob Leigh, Senior Director of Commercial Markets at RTI. “Connect includes an open interface and advanced integration capabilities that slash costs across a system’s life cycle, from initial development and integration through ongoing maintenance and upgrades. We’re proud to have a long-standing relationship with Cogniteam, and we welcome them to our expansive ecosystem of companies choosing Connect as their commercial DDS solution.”

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