VITEC Launches the MGW Diamond-H Compact 4K HDMI Encoder

VITEC, a market-leading provider of IPTV, video streaming, and digital signage solutions, is launching the MGW Diamond-H 4K HDMI encoder to enhance its broad portfolio of HEVC further encode and decode products.

“VITEC is proud to introduce the MGW Diamond-H, a powerful compact 4K HDMI Encoder

demonstrating our commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of our customers,” says Richard Bernard, Head of Product Management, at VITEC. “With its impressive encoding capabilities, seamless integration features, and Power over Ethernet support, the MGW Diamond-Hopens up new possibilities for IPTV distribution and video contribution across various industries.”

The MGW Diamond-H, a portable 4K HDMI Encoder, is a significant addition to VITEC's portable HEVC encoder product line, setting a new standard for quality, efficiency, and integration. With the ability to encode up to 4 channels from two HDMI inputs, the MGW Diamond-H empowers users to capture and stream content with unparalleled quality and minimal latency.

The unit is designed to facilitate integration into existing setups. Featuring an HDMI loop through, the MGW Diamond-H ensures a smooth workflow and enhanced connectivity with existing video equipment. The MGW Diamond-H can be powered via Power over Ethernet for optimal reliability and power efficiency, streamlining installations and reducing the need for additional power sources.

VITEC is a leader in video encoding for many different workflows from military, enterprise,

broadcast, education, and sports venues. The MGW Diamond-H meets the growing demand for 4K video encoding while delivering low-latency delivery of high-quality video in an efficient, compact form factor.

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