KULR Technology Group Announces a Strategic Contract with NanoRacks for Advanced Space Battery Development

KULR Technology Group, Inc., renowned for its leading-edge lithium-ion battery safety and thermal management technologies, today announced in a landmark development it has been awarded a pivotal contract exceeding $865,000 from Nanoracks (now part of Voyager Space’s Exploration Segment). Based in Webster, Texas, Voyager’s Exploration team is a prominent provider of commercial space services, specializing in satellite deployment, space station research, and the development of space habitats. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in KULR’s journey, with the initial contract poised to conclude in April of this year and production slated to commence later.

The contract underscores KULR’s role in spearheading a specialized space battery’s accelerated development, testing, and early production to enhance Voyager’s CubeSat applications. This partnership showcases the aerospace industry’s trust in the KULR ONE Space Platform and highlights the company’s commitment to innovation and reliability.

KULR has already achieved the first milestone of this contract by delivering the first article prototype battery at the end of 2023, demonstrating its ability to meet rigorous project demands under an accelerated timeline. This initial phase ensures that KULR’s battery technology will be crucial in powering next-generation satellite applications during critical periods.

Michael Mo, CEO of KULR, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Our partnership with Voyager’s Exploration team represents a significant win-win scenario. For Voyager, it brings KULR’s cutting-edge, safe, and innovative battery designs to the forefront of space technology under an expedited schedule. For KULR, it marks the beginning of what we anticipate will be a fruitful relationship, paving the way for multiple program collaborations in the future.”

Echoing this sentiment, Robbie Harris, Voyager Space’s director of Advanced Concepts (Exploration), highlighted the symbiotic nature of the partnership: “Working with KULR has allowed us to push the boundaries of our battery technology and showcase our commitment to safety, reliability, and performance in the most demanding environments. This collaboration is not just about meeting the immediate needs of a project; it’s about setting the stage for a long-term partnership that will drive innovation in space technology.”

KULR ONE Space, designed to meet NASA’s exacting standards for manned spaceflight, is poised to expand its influence in the aerospace sector, encompassing satellite and crewed missions. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities in Webster, Texas, and San Diego, California, KULR is prepared to address the dynamic needs of the aerospace industry, thereby reinforcing its expanding role in promoting the advancement of safe battery technology. The KULR ONE Space Platform anticipates significant growth, offering expedited access to wide-ranging, certified battery solutions critical to space exploration’s rapid advancement.

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