OSS Wins U.S. Intelligence A.I. Project for Liquid Immersion-Cooled Storage Server at the Edge

One Stop Systems, Inc. has secured a pilot project to provide a liquid immersion-cooled data storage system for a deployable ground station. The project is expected to lead to follow-on production orders.

Procured through a global defense prime contractor, the win represents the first liquid immersion-cooled high-performance compute solution for a U.S. intelligence agency mobile ground station application and a new intelligence community end user for OSS. 

The deployment will leverage OSS’ unique rugged mobile edge technology, consisting of the company’s Gen 4 PCIe® 3U-SDS configured as a high-speed NVMe data recording system that can deliver up to 52GB/s sustained storage bandwidth. 

OSS will integrate two 3U-SDS units into a liquid immersion-cooled system, which will be a part of a deployable ground station at the edge. The custom storage accelerator system will be ruggedized for the harshest edge environments.

“This project, for a major government intelligence agency contracted through a prime contractor partner, represents an expansion of our mission applications into the intelligence community, consistent with our growth strategies,” commented OSS VP of Sales Robert Kalebaugh. “It also demonstrates our commitment to providing high throughput, ruggedized storage capabilities, and solutions directly impacting emerging Department of Defense platforms’ AI/ML mission objectives. We anticipate that this initial design win will lead to other deployments that require high speed, low latency compute accelerators and data acquisition solutions.”

The immersion-cooled technology solutions utilize non-conductive, chemically inert, non-corrosive fluids. These liquids are similar to water and fully immersed products like the 3U-SDS, where the liquid’s boiling point properties efficiently remove the heat from the electronics without using large heat sinks, fans, or liquid pumps. The absence of heat sinks allows for very compact rugged platforms and helps provide high performance and low noise in small form factors, which are vital product features for the edge.

The 3U-SDS system is powered by two Intel processors and 16 NVMe storage drives—an ideal configuration for high-speed data acquisition, recording, and analysis. It can ingest, record, and store up to 960 terabytes of raw R.F. data signals onto high-speed NVMe SSDs. 

The NVMe SSDs are securely encased in removable, encrypted drive packs, enabling easily expandable and transportable data storage. To upload massive amounts of collected data to the secure cloud, the drive packs can be easily transferred to SDS servers or Centauri storage expansion systems installed in in-ground stations equipped with high-bandwidth Internet connections.

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