Coda Octopus Group reports that its Echoscope® Technology is the primary survey tool in the Francis Scott Key Bridge’s ongoing salvage operations

Coda Octopus Group, Inc., a global market leader in 3D/4D/5D/6D imaging sonar technology for real-time subsea intelligence and cutting-edge diving technology, today reported that its Echoscope® technology is being used on ongoing salvage operations. The news highlighting this can be found here.

Commenting on this, Blair Cunningham, CODA’s President of Technology, stated, “We are humbled and pleased that Coda Octopus and its technology can play a part as the primary survey tool in these ongoing operations, and I am pleased that I can be onsite assisting in the ongoing operations. As noted by SUPSALV in the article referred to above, the conditions are challenging and compounded by poor visibility water conditions …the Echoscope® “is the primary survey tool used by divers, with visibility clouded to just one to two feet because of the four to five feet of mud and loose bottom of the Patapsco River.” 

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