OSS to Design and Manufacture a New Video Concentrator for U.S. Army 360-degree Visualization Systems Using the Leading GPU Platform for Embedded Applications

The design win positions OSS as the lead for the compute and distribution solution for the 360-degree Visualization System

This new video concentrator will be incorporated into the rugged 360-degree visualization compute system that OSS is designing and building for U.S. Army land vehicles, including the Stryker, Bradley, and Abrams. This new order expands the company’s scope on the visualization system that OSS originally announced in February 2023.  

The vehicle visualization system uses OSS PCIe Gen 4 switch fabric technology and the same leading ARM CPU and GPU platform for autonomous machines and embedded applications used in the previously announced system. The OSS solution with the latest ARM/GPU system-on-modules now comprises everything from the sensor to the vehicle crew, including the sensor compute, low latency switching, crew compute, and high-resolution display workloads.

The latest win increases the million-dollar design opportunity generated last year related to the visualization system. Upon successful completion and testing in 2025, the system is projected to move to vehicle application and fielding. OSS will work closely with the U.S. Army to deliver prototypes of the new system in 2024.

The new video concentrator will add enhanced capabilities to the system. It can rapidly ingest and process large amounts of video information, including Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link (GMSL2) or other High-Efficiency Video Coding (H.265) compressed camera data. The data will then be disseminated throughout the vehicle to the crew computers over PCI Express at up to six times more incredible speed and 800 times lower latency than traditional Ethernet networking.

While the U.S. Army will initially use the video concentrator for the 360-degree visualization system, it can be used for various other A.I. applications that incorporate sensor fusion, including threat detection, friend/foe identification, and natural language processing for crew assist.

“Given their stringent performance requirements, this latest order from the U.S. Army represents an important validation of our expertise and capabilities in designing and manufacturing ruggedized, high-performance compute technology for A.I. and sensor fusion applications,” commented OSS CEO Mike Knowles. “It also demonstrates the continued ongoing revenue opportunities for existing government vehicles, as well as the potential for an array of additional A.I., sensor processing and sensor fusion applications.”

The solution will be designed to meet the requirements of the demanding MIL-STD 810H standard, enabling it to withstand the harshest environmental conditions where it will be internally or externally mounted on the vehicle, close to the sensors. OSS will also provide software enabling various camera protocols and an optimized data path for the system.

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