Core Systems shows their breath and width of manufacturing with the release of a rugged Voip Telephone.

Introducing the Rugged Cisco 8851 Telephone, a military-grade communication solution designed by Core Systems to thrive in challenging environments. Whether powered by PoE or AC, this phone guarantees dependable Communication even in the harshest conditions. Retaining all the features of the standard Cisco 8851 model, the Rugged 8851 Telephone ensures durability and performance under extreme circumstances.

Certified as VoIP Class-A and crafted explicitly for military settings, this ruggedized phone delivers steadfast Communication in adverse conditions, offering the full functionality of the Cisco 8851 within its robust chassis.

Core Systems is a leading manufacturer of top-tier rugged computers and displays. Based in Poway, California, our 85,000+ square foot facility houses engineering, assembly, testing, and metal fabrication capabilities. Trusted worldwide, our rugged products are deployed across ground vehicles, aircraft, and maritime installations.

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