Pixus Technologies offers a pluggable Tier 3 SOSA-aligned chassis management module for OpenVPX.

The SHM200 chassis manager for OpenVPX complies with VITA 46.11 for system management. The unit comes in 3U and 6U sizes, in VITA 48.1 format for air-cooled systems and VITA 48.2 format for conduction-cooled systems. The Tier 3 chassis manager can plug into a standard 3U VPX backplane slot in the P0 connector position. There are also versions for more I/O that utilize the P1 or P1/P2 connectors. The standard panel interface has RS-232, RJ-45 or SFP, USB, and LEDs. 

With monitoring at least six temperature sensors and ten fans, the SHM200 has custom options. There is a fan PWM/Tach control, 16 digital inputs and outputs, and a Web interface.   

 Pixus offers OpenVPX backplanes, chassis platforms, and specialty products. The Company also provides a mezzanine-based Tier 3 SOSA Aligned chassis manager that does not consume a slot.



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