New VPX 2-slot Backplane Speeds Low-cost Development of Systems Using VITA 62 Power Designed with power studs to feed power to connected backplanes in the same chassis

Elma Electronic Inc. now offers a 3U OpenVPX 2-slot backplane with a VPX power and ground slot and a VITA 62 power supply slot that facilitates the development and deployment of systems requiring a VITA 62 power supply.

The rugged backplane features a VITA 46/65-compliant pass-through power and ground slot that can be SOSA aligned and suitable for custom designs. This makes it ideal for a range of harsh environments in embedded applications. The rear I/O of the VITA46/65 slot can be used for a rear transition module (RTM) or cabling.

Designed with power studs for both input and output power, the new backplane can serve as a power source to other connected backplanes within the same chassis. The board also comes with a header for various I/O signals, including voltage sense, current share, IPMB interface, inhibit, enable, and fail. 

Aside from the assigned pins for 3.3V, 5V, and 12V power, all remaining pins are user-defined. The fully populated rear connectors are accessible via Elma’s slot-to-slot or slot-to-I/O bulkhead cable assemblies, and the backplane comes with defined utility and ground planes.

The new board features selectable geographical addressing via a DIP switch and a 12-layer design to IPC Class 3, with 1 oz copper outer layers and 2 oz copper inner layers. The utility plane is implemented in the P0 pin, and the system management bus is routed to two of the board’s headers. The backplane can be used for 270 VDC operation in high altitudes with insulators or fins as a custom assembly.

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